some call it balance..

In most cases in life I’ve been a late bloomer… When it comes to balance in life, no truer words have been spoken. There is something about chasing after the things that aren’t actually that important that never brings us what we hope, instead it only steals from us.

So in stead of go on about how I used to do it wrong I just wanted to post something short and hopefully motivating to those who may need it… 

Go after those things that you are passionate about. After my Fathers death I now know you get one chance at this, ‘life thing’ so simply existing is not good enough. Live! Love! Laugh and enjoy the journey. Don’t spend your days waiting to get to some destination… You’ll miss out on a lot of life that way. Dreams are scary and will most definitely seem impossible until you take that step and just do it! I waited a long time to be doing the things I love but I did it and I’m loving it. 

One of the saddest things we believe is that we need to be someone else. Why on earth would you be born YOU, if you actually were supposed to be someone else. No one will ever be you and you will never be anyone else but you. Be the freaking best you this side of the moon! 

Follow your heart and don’t let anyone steal your passion for life, your dreams and your imagination! I believe kids are often more free cause they not afraid to imagine what could be. They see things that isn’t there and make up worlds, stories and adventures. It’s only when we start chasing the things we shouldn’t, that this seems to disappear. 

I know ‘life happens’ and it’s not always sunshine and roses… But hey, it’s up to you. No one is going to give you everything on a silver platter overnight. The only ship that came in was the one you now have called LIFE! Work HARD, play hard and then repeat… 

Life – Don’t waste it. Oh and thanks for being you! 

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New parents…yes us.

‘There is a human in our home’…’and he is ours’…’and we have to raise him’…’and I have no idea what I’m doing’… This may have been some of my thoughts I had a few months ago for at least the first three months of our son’s life. Well, he is seven months old now and yes at times these thoughts still come but we have learnt the beauty of Gods grace in our marriage and yes most certainly in parenting too.

There’s the ideal family that we all aspire towards and then there’s reality. Reality does not dictate but boy does it want to sometimes. For example, arrive late for everything for the next few years or start your day earlier. You’ll become a pro at planning and yet, still sometimes life happens. Breathe…pray and know it will be okay -(Poetry)

We have fallen short or will fall short when it comes to following biblical teachings on family. The question is, are we willing to embrace falling short, or do we rather choose to pursue Gods reality and standards. The opposite would be to abandon ship, lower the standard and live out the fruit of our choices.

So, if our son only has us to learn from and be guided by in his life and especially his early years, what are we teaching him or more importantly, what is he seeing and observing in our lives? I can ask the question like this too, Who is he seeing in our lives?

While Jesus taught and pointed toward an ideal, he refused to condemn those who fell short. This is the beauty of his grace. There is a tension,  between the high standard or the ideal and reality. But that tension should never be resolved.

Jesus is inviting you to follow him in the beauty of family life and carry the tensions between what’s real and what’s ideal. Yes, we fall short; no, we don’t always get it right … but I’m not going to change the rules so I feel better. I’m willing to live with the tension between reality and this ideal that Jesus gave us. He is the standard. I love my wife and son enough to choose this life, the life, His life.

It is possible… why else would Jesus say so or give us these guide lines? It comes down to getting into the Bible. Let those words of life become the life in our world. It is a prayerful lifestyle. We can surround ourselves with Spiritual family as we are not alone.

What a gift, a privilege. Kate and I remain thankful beyond words.


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